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The Town of Russell is committed to providing access to public information on our website.  Some
information is best viewed through a geographical reference and we are making this information
available through our OnlineGIS website.  We will continue to add information as it becomes available.

What is GIS?
A geographic (or geographical) information system (GIS) captures, stores, analyzes, manages and
presents data that is associated with a geographical location.

What type of information is available?
We have a variety of different types of information from assessors data to contour, DEP wetlands and
zoning maps.  Many town boards, committees and departments, as well as the general public, will find
useful information here.  For details on the information currently on the site, please review the section
on Map Layers below.

Using the OnlineGIS system:
When you first arrive at our OnlineGIS site, you will see a map of the town in the main window along
with tool bar across the top.  Here you can find tools that allow you to zoom in and out, pan across
the map, get information on a particular location, measure distance and area and print the map you are
viewing.   You can also change the type of map displayed, such as a parcel map, aerial view or relief

There are a variety of feature controls in the left-hand column.  You can search the map by location,
owner or parcel id; you can turn map layers on and off; you can view the details of a selected location;
or zoom into an area of interest.

We encourage you to click on Help when you first arrive at our OnlineGIS site and review the use of
the tools and buttons.  This will make it easier for you to make use of this new system.

Areas of Interest
This tool will zoom the map to a particular location in town, e.g. Russell Elementary or the Municipal
Light Plant.  (Tip:  This tool just changes the zoom level and centers on a particular parcel.  This will
help you identify your location better.)

Map Layers
We have defined a number of Quick Maps that contain layers with different types of information.  
When you select a particular Quick Map, the base information will be displayed along with additional
related information.  Quick Maps often contain a number of different layers that can be turned on and
off by clicking the check box next to the name.  Please note that not all layers available in a Quick Map
are visible by default, so you can review the types of information layers available in the left-hand
column and choose which layers you would like to see.
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