Russell Municipal Light Department
Serving Russell Since 1920
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Lenise Pappas- Billing Clerk


200 Main Street
Russell, Massachusetts, 01071



Monday Thru Friday 9:00 - 12:00

Alan Robinson 1-413-530-6973
Russell Municipal Light Department was founded in 1920 by citizens who had
the foresight to believe locally owned and controlled electric service would
benefit the Town of Russell.  For almost a century, Russell Electric has
provided reliable service and low, competitive rates to Russell Village.  As
one of 40 municipalities in MA, Russell Electric is owned by the community it
serves.  Therefore, all utility benefits return to the community in the form of
lower rates, better service and community enhancements.  Utility policy is
set by 3 elected Russell residents who serve on the Light Board.  The Electric
Commissioners oversee operations through the Department Manger and
meet monthly in open public meetings.   Russell Electric is an innovative,
progressive, service organization dedicated to providing quality service, low
rates and bringing affordable, environmentally friendly renewable energy to
our community.
RMLD has joined forces with HELPS Program to better serve our customers:
Customers of RMLD may call the Toll Free Hot-Line:
Home Energy Loss Prevention Service
HELPS Toll-Free Hotline:
(888) 333-7525
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